blood mountain (&helen) 07.07.14

terrapin beer company 06.18.14

lake russell WMA 06.16.14 - 06.17.14

tied myself and tied myself too tight

and i claim i’m not excited with my life any more
so i blame this town, this job, these friends
the truth is it’s myself
and i’m trying to understand myself
and pinpoint where i am
when i finally get it figured out
i’ve change the whole damn plan

atlanta braves vs los angeles angels 06.15.14

i would do anything, ANYTHING, for a gumball head right now. or a zombie dust. or dreadnaught. three floyds + chi i missss youuuuuu

i would do anything, ANYTHING, for a gumball head right now. or a zombie dust. or dreadnaught. three floyds + chi i missss youuuuuu

cows by lake hartwell 06.14.14

cows by lake hartwell 06.14.14

all my time in hell was spent with you

give me a leonard cohen afterworld
so i can sigh eternally

the badin lake files 06.08.14 - 06.10.14

i’m coming home

i’m coming home

spring 2011 throwback // still as amazing as ever // thx numero

i guess its soul wednesday // mitch&steen NYE song

high shoals drifter

if i could count all the times i’ve been reborn, at the hands of a man i’d just fucked, or cut out of the womb of a deep & lush holler, you’d be sick. i’d be sick. i am sick, and i’m still getting used to it. let the ritual begin anew on mountain monday: oh monday, you hold so much promise for a smashed & unbathed girl, you hold trails so familiar and mountain peaks like kin, you hold those endless hours of unbounded internal monologue. bare feet lapping against white pine needles lapping against mossy creeks where waterfalls eventuate in apples&oranges unity. out here meaning doesn’t get trapped in genetically modified produce or low mpg car rides or cluttered office desks or one beer too many’s. out here we still have a chance at peace.

out here i do irrational things like sit on top of boulders, look out at the undulating dark green-brown-light green ridge lines, and contemplate all the things god does and doesn’t know. like which places in this wilderness have never been touched by human flesh, and in those spots, does god feel naked? which parts of my intellect have never been touched by a man who claimed he loved me, and is it called love if he can’t teach me anything about god? eat the apple down to its core and realize that all land lies under the wings of hawks while i just lie under pressure (under his body).

once we recover/ once we care about each other/ once we run out of things to say, we can drive through the mountains with all the windows down and sing lyrics like, “you know it’s different that i don’t exist,” and i will be at peace. i won’t ask god so many nagging questions and i won’t sleep with men for validation anymore. i’ll forget temporarily that i’m at the center of the phenomenological universe, which is of course made out of math equations and psychoactive drugs and untoned flesh. i’m ready to trade in mania and fireflies for an honest pursuit of emotional stability. i can’t live like this forever — it’s just not sustainable. only in the presence of detachment can the true rebirth obtain.

watching this is getting me so stoked for pro football. 55 days adjklfks